Inn Creased Voguecabyoudairy – Poem

The Stubborn Australian waxes lyrical 👍😃

The Stubborn Australian

I am trying to increase my vocabulary,
they say the best way is to read the dictionary,
I tried to do this but only got as far as Aardvark,
I can tell you right now reading that book is no walk in the park.

I tried a new method, one involving opening to any page in the book,
but that was useless the words I saw were all Gobbledygook.
I was about to settle down for lunch,
When I came across Carte Blanche,
I word that I wished applied to me at work,
then I could run around and go berserk.

Increasing my vocabulary is pretty hard,
it is so much easier to act as a tard,
once more I opened to a new page,
the words became more complexed so I had to disengage.

I picked up my local paper to see what was showing,
a lesson in literature…

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