A Classroom Library: If You Build It, They Will Read by Jim Bailey

It would be great if Headmasters and Teachers in UK and Europe would also prioritise this way 😎

Nerdy Book Club

I had just finished sharing the latest research about classroom libraries with my teachers at a staff meeting.  The research didn’t surprise anyone.  Students who are able to utilize a well-stocked, diverse classroom library spend 60% more time reading compared to those that don’t.  These same students are also more likely to talk about the books they are reading and make recommendations to other students.  Classroom libraries are essential in order to provide students with access to books and motivation to read.  There is a direct link between classroom libraries and reading motivation, reading achievement, and reading engagement.

None of this research was a huge shock to the teachers in the room.  What happened next, however, was a huge shock.  I reached into my pocket and pulled out a stack of $100 gift cards to Barnes and Noble.  “We are spending the rest of the PD day at Barnes and…

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