5 Ways To Always Be Ready To Write

K.M. Allan

Writing while working, adulting, caring for tiny humans, and running a household often means jotting down sentences between appointments, lunch hours, school pickups, or after the kids are in bed. You know, that one part of the day you have to yourself when all you want to do is to binge watch the latest season of Orange Is The New Black and fall into a chocolate coma.

Instead, you dedicate those precious breaks to writing. But thanks to busy lives and social media, best-laid plans to craft words often gets pushed to the side. When that happens, getting creative with how you organize your writing time can mean adding to your word count rather than chasing it.

1) Make Scheduling Your Friend

Not only do you write, nowadays you also have to tweet about. Creating and maintaining a social media presence is important when you’re selling books or working…

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