My cynical use of enjambement

More enlightenment from Tallis Steelyard 😎

Tallis Steelyard


When I wrote about the Anaphora Controversy it brought back memories of other arguments within our community, and I can still see the face of Silhat Wheelbroom when he realised what I’d done.

But still I run ahead of myself. The whole anaphora business stirred up the unprincipled disarray of poetasters who are the deep cess pit of the Port Naain literary world. The result of the controversy was that a magistrate swept away some of those who had floated to the top.

But eliminate the top layer and all that happens is that others bob to the surface. In this case it was the plump and bespectacled Melton Tinkle, the slightly slimmer Felton Mortplace and the lean faced Silhat Wheelbroom who sought to dominate our art.

To be fair, they might have found it easier if they’d been decent poets. Then at least people might have taken them more…

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