Whether the withering weather will, and home again home again herons #narrowboat #england #canals

An update on Ian’s Cheshire Canals Adventure in the unaccustomed heatwave 😱

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

I always and only think of herons as solitary birds. It has been my assumption to date that any and all romantic machinations herons undertake are probably dealt with via the Royal Mail.

Dearest Isabella, I can’t begin to tell you how much your personalised floral notelet correspondence has meant to me. I shall always remember you as the enigmatic siren of the English waterways, with your skinny, knobbly, legs, your Notre Dame-esque hunch and your face like a young Hitler with a beak. It is best that we treasure our time together and never meet again. You are now with egg.

Clarence, you bastard. You took advantage of me while I was catatonic and staring into the muddy waters of the Middlewich Branch. My legs, shoulders and face are just perfect, thank you, it is you who looks as though you’ve forgotten to retract your undercarriage whenever you fly off…

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2 thoughts on “Whether the withering weather will, and home again home again herons #narrowboat #england #canals

  1. Thank’ee kindly sir! I notice that the forecast now also calls for the odd 40mph gust of wind, so I had better forget the herons and string out another line or two for the Cardinal… it would be embarrassing to wake up on the wrong side of the canal… 🙂

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