Author Websites That Can Work For You Day In And Day Out – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

For many authors, when you set up your website you are taking your first step towards building an author platform.

Every author knows that a website is a crucial part of book marketing that will hopefully help you sell books.

However, if you create a website that is static and consists of only a home page and one or two pages for your book titles, it is not going to gain a lot of traffic.

Free website and blogging platforms can give you a quick and easy way to start your web presence, but they almost always lack flexibility and functionality.

A good example is the inability of most free platforms to be able to add an interactive iframe widget such as the Amazon preview reader.

At best, you can publish blog posts, create a book page for each of your titles, and add your social media links.

But free websites are not easy to find, so attract very little traffic, because they are rarely SEO optimized and therefore not indexed by Google and Bing.

For published authors who want to find ways to become more front and centre with their Internet presence, there is a much better way.

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