Start Your Niche Publishing Company And Make It Profitable – by Wade Smit…

Starting a publishing company can be scary, but today it is more accessible than ever before.

People turn to publishing for various reasons, but for me, it was the frustration I felt with the lack of opportunities to get my work published. I write fiction, poetry, articles and research in isiZulu, a South African language with over 27 million speakers.

But despite it being South Africa’s biggest language, because of our political history, there are still not a lot of publishing houses dedicated to good content for readers of Zulu.

So I created my own, knowing the huge number of writers in the language who, like me, could not find a home for Zulu writing.

I want to share the approach I developed in creating a niche print publishing house on a small budget and making it profitable within 6 months.

And while this article discusses print publishing, the principles I outline here apply to digital publishing as well.

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