FIND YOUR NEXT STORY TITLE HERE…You’re busy…you know you shouldn’t but sometimes you just have to…

I found ‘The Case of the Shrieking Corgi’ and ‘The Screaming Painting’ under ANY

I suspect the programme caught a glimpse of my furry fanged face when selecting these LOL



I gave into tempation so – without a shred of shame – here is the link to a random book title generator on the Reedsy website. You’ve been warned.

If I wanted to write a mystery DEATH OF THE STUFFED MONKEY could be the novel that rocks the bestseller charts… It has a certain Raymond Chandler-ish charm, don’t you think?
However, if I was going into the field of fantasy THE RUBY SWAMP might blow readers away.  For romance I got HOP, SKIP, WED (not in my kind of romance they don’t…) while I’m not altogether sure where my crime novel STRIKE THE TIGER is going. Surely, though I would be safe with a sci-fi blockbuster called YEAR OF CELESTE or perhaps I should explore the hidden depths of THE SECRET OF THE HAIRLESS BAKER  in the any catogary.

Funded by the European Union (yes! it does stuff…

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