World Building: Creating Maps

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Good morning star gazers and explorers. I hope you’ve had a good week.

This week I was feeling a little downhearted at times, so I took a look back at some of my old writing. It’s helpful to see how far I’ve come at times like this. As I looked back, I found an old fantasy story I’d written several years ago. It includes pages of my original notes and ideas and a map I drew of the world. As my more recent works have taken place in non-fictional, modern cities I’ve not had to do this for a while. But it got me thinking back to how much I enjoyed creating a map for my world, and so I want to blog about it.

In addition to some of my other world building blogs, I’m going to post a few tips and thoughts that helped me when I drew…

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2 thoughts on “World Building: Creating Maps

  1. I’ve always loved maps. I used to draw them when I was a kid, as I incorporated into one of my latest biogs. I’m a bit behind with my map of the Realms, which I was going to do last October… Well, there’s always this October.

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