How You Can Offer An Easy Free Ebook Download To Readers – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

Do you want to set up a free ebook download on your blog?

If you use either a self-hosted WordPress or a site for your blog, you can do it.

It is quite easy to create a pdf version of a downloadable ebook using the WordPress media library. All you need to do is upload your .pdf file to the library and then create a link to it in a post or on your sidebar.

But how many readers are going to get excited about an ebook in .pdf format? Very few, or more likely, none.

Ebook readers want to be able to read an ebook on their preferred device, and without any fuss or bother.

They need to be able to click and read.

To accommodate this need, you really have to offer your free ebooks in both .epub and .mobi formats. However, WordPress will not allow the uploading of .epub and .mobi files to the media library.

So what’s the solution?

Find out HERE


3 thoughts on “How You Can Offer An Easy Free Ebook Download To Readers – by Derek Haines…

  1. I’m confused Derek if you have the original files prior to converting them or uploading them to eBook format, why would you need to go through this process? Why not use your original files and copy them to your WordPress post? I have my Microsoft Word files, couldn’t I use them? Thanks.

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