Carla’s Catering: Non-Human Customers Only

Call Carla for that Special Party 😱😎

Legends of Windemere

Godzilla vs King Kong

Welcome and don’t mind the mess.  We just finished getting an order out for a goblin prom, so there are plucked feathers everywhere.  Chickens?  No, it was all ratites like ostrichs, emus, and one really psychotic kiwi.  You don’t want to know what those will do when they get angry and have been fed nothing but magic potions since it was hatched.  I do apologize if that sounds enticing since we’re all out of that.  Still, we have plenty of stock.  What’s your event?

A monster prom is always a challenge since you have a large variety.  Well, the first question I have is if guests are going to be eating each other.  If that’s allowed then I won’t overestimate the amounts we need to prepare.  Along that line of thinking, we have a strict ‘no eating the help’ rule, which results in extreme punishments.  Basically…

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