How to install a new launcher on Amazon’s Fire tablet

In case you need to know – Please say ‘Thank you’ to Chris Meadows 👍😎

I’ve enjoyed using my Fire HD 8 tablet as my “main” Android tablet these last few months, but I finally got fed up with some of the annoyances of the built-in Fire launcher. There weren’t any huge annoyances, which is why it took so long to get fed up, but finally I got tired of the lack of an app drawer where I could access an app right away if I couldn’t remember what folder I’d put it in. I also missed having access to launcher widgets, and the ease of swiping left to get to the Google Assistant.

The problem is, Amazon doesn’t provide any easy way to change launchers. Some launchers will let you run them manually—but my favorite launcher, the Google Now launcher, won’t. It helpfully told me I needed to change the launcher setting in my settings menu, but that’s a setting that the Fire’s settings…

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