How Long Do You Wait?

Let Jan know how long YOU put YOUR completed manuscript to the side before the final edit?

Writing your first novel-Things you should know


I recently picked up a novel I had worked on for six years. I can’t count the number of revisions I completed on the manuscript. Yet nothing seemed to help. I got discouraged and put it away.

My life had gotten pretty complicated during that time, so I used it as an excuse.  As the weeks went on, I found it easier and easier to let it go. I did  not want to pull that manuscript out. It was a mess and a waste of my time. That’s how I felt anyway.

I didn’t stop writing. I picked up a new project. I had an idea for another novel and began to flesh it out. I also continued reading books written by successful novelists and took some more on-line classes. From my perspective, that first book had a great premise (a fact confirmed by one of the agents who rejected…

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2 thoughts on “How Long Do You Wait?

  1. I did not revise my first novel at all. I never did a second draft. I did not have a beta reader. I just published it as is with my 40 illustrations – one for each chapter. Everyone who read it loved it. Except,there was a huge problem – grammar and punctuation errors were rampant through the novel. Embarrassment and shame cowed me and so, I did a second edition and corrected all the mistakes, including the illustrations (mostly good, but not right for the book).
    My writer friends saved the day with lots help for me, plus a self-review of grammar skills, skills I had long forgotten. Now, my first novel is something to be proud of. It is wise to never publish a novel without putting it aside for two weeks, writing a second draft or as many as you need, and never publish without beta readers in the genre you are writing in. Treat your creative baby, with the upmost care.

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