A licence to print money blog tour, part 2

The Tale Continues…

Tallis Steelyard

A license to print money

Chapter 2

Benor woke up slowly. He was home or at least lying on the deck under the overhang of the cabin roof. This was where he had taken to sleeping in summer. He crawled out of his blankets and looked across the estuary, the tide was in. Hastily stripping he dropped a bucket over the side of the boat and allowed it to fill with sea water. He poured it over himself, and then took another bucket of river water out of a barrel and used that to wash the salt off.

He wasn’t in fact refreshed but he felt somewhat cleaner. He dressed and made his way into the cabin for breakfast. Tallis was staring dully at a mug of coffee. In silence, Benor poured himself a mug and cut a thick slice of bread for his breakfast. It was stale so he dunked it in the coffee…

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