Time flies like an arrow but ducks fly like a banana #narrowboat #canal #England

An update escapade from Ian (he who narrowboats) Hutson 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

We’ve had the heat-wave, we’ve had the decidedly cool snap, and now we’re into what England does best – sort of sunny, a bit stormy, windy, cloudy, wet-dry, warmish take-a-coat-but-never-need-it-unless-you-don’t-take-it weather.

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paper The canal, the clouds, the sun, the wind and every other scrag-end of nonsense that Her Majesty’s Meteorological Office can dredge up from the bottom of the global weather barrel…

As I sit sittingly at my study desk, to one side (port, or “larboard” if you’re old-fashioned) I have thick, low, dense grey cloud moving slowly like a Russian army bogged down in mud, to the other (starboard) I have several layers of different breeds of cloud, all at different altitudes, all moving at different speeds and showing small patches of blue sky. The breeze is almost a wind, and is sufficient to make the Cardinal’s canvas covers flap like sails being forced the wrong way around Cape Horn…

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4 thoughts on “Time flies like an arrow but ducks fly like a banana #narrowboat #canal #England

  1. Thank’ee sir, too kind as always! The clouds have parted a little this afternoon, but the wind has a growing confidence and we are rocking gently, rocking slowly, taking it easy, don’t you know that I have never been… oops, slipped into an old song lyric there. It is good laundry-drying weather, provided that you nail each item to something solid to prevent it being blown away… 🙂

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