7 Potentially Useful Tips for Spin-Offs: I Make No Promises

Legends of Windemere

Most of the Star Trek Captains

Even though we see so many, the spin-off is not something that should be entered into lightly.  There’s more than one story on the line and an author can break an entire world apart with a bad sequel.  So, here are some tips that might work to ease the anxiety and prevent possible disasters.

  1. For all that you hold dear, double check the stories you’re going to be working off of before doing anything.  Don’t assume that you know it because you wrote it because even creators can make a mistake.  (I.E. Mosquitoes)  The last thing you want is to undo part of the world-building that you already accomplished.  It breaks continuity and makes the spin-off feel more like a rush job than a planned story.
  2. Factor in the passage of time and change of locations between the original series and the spin-off.  If…

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