Meet Guest Author, Cherie White…

My name is Cherie White and I am the Author of From Victim to Victor(A Survivor’s True Story of Her Experiences with School Bullying. How She Overcome, Won Back Her Confidence and Found Peace and Happiness)

I am a married mother and grandmother, residing in Covington, TN. I am also a Christian, former Army brat and my hobbies are get-togethers with family and friends, writing, reading personal development, music, swimming, inner-tubing, camping, hiking and skydiving. I have had an extreme love of writing stories and dreamed of becoming a published author since the age of ten. I am also an Advocate/Activist for bullied youth, with a passion for giving today’s victims the very thing I was denied when I was bullied in school- encouragement and support.

It took two years to complete From Victim to Victor. To get the project ready from publication, I spent the first year writing and the second year, self-editing it to polish it. During year two, fresh eyes and a second editing opinion were needed and a friend, who is a college English professor, was enlisted for a final edit, along with five beta readers. I then self-published the book through Luluand was more than satisfied with the final product.

Geared toward the YA audience, From Victim to Victor is a brutally honest, chronological account of the torment I suffered at the hands of my classmates and the lack of support received from bystanders, school staff and family during my last six years of school. It is also a record of how my harassers justified their behavior, which allowed them to detection and accountability, the blame I took for everything that was happening to me, and the accumulative affects it had on my self-esteem and personality.

I go on to tell of the downward spiral to an attempted suicide at age fourteen, the eventual school transfer and the final realization that the torment long suffered was no reflection on myself, but on the twisted and narcissistic personalities of those who chose to bully someone not originally from that town.

The manuscript was woven from several old daily journals I had written during that terrible time and had for years kept put away. This story was very difficult to write, as it brought back a flood of painful memories.

This memoir was written not only for the therapeutic and cathartic benefits it provided me, but also to provide encouragement for the millions of young people whom are bullied today. As you likely know, the statistics of young people being bullied and the suicide rates of these kids today is astronomical!

It is my hope that this book will help these youths see their own value and the good they bring to this world, despite what others may tell them. It is also my goal that it will provoke them to think before deciding to end their lives and/or the lives of others. My intent in writing this piece is to be a living testimony to bullied victims everywhere that if they stick it out and go on living, life willget better…muchbetter and they too can go on to live normal lives of success, peace and happiness.

In January 2018, I published a second book which is a fiction entitled,Townies, Cronies and Hayseeds(One Woman’s Struggle Against the Underbelly of Small-Town Politics)

I originally wrote this story twelve years ago but updated and carefully revised it last year after publishing From Victim to Victor. Because I have long had a passion for writing and storytelling, I took my own experiences and coupled them with many horrific stories I had heard from others through the years to write this fictional piece.

This project was written to address the realities of small-town politics and as a reminder that school bullies do not change once they toss their graduation caps in the air.

BecauseLuluhad exceeded my expectations with the publishing of From Victim to Victor, I entrusted them with the publication ofTownies, Cronies and Hayseedsand was again, more the satisfied.

Also geared for the YA audience, Townies, Cronies and Hayseedsis about a widowed woman and famous author who is forced to travel across the country, with her children, to the town in which she grew up and her former school bullies still reside.

Although Shannon has gone on to a successful writing career and is loved by many, she finds that after twenty-three years she is still viewed with resentment and comtempt in her hometown.

Not only her own life but the lives of her children quickly become at risk when she refuses to play the political and corrupt games of her former school bullies, who now hold very powerful and prestigious positions in the town.

I am currently working on my third and fourth manuscripts, which are also fiction. They are entitled, The Vow of Chastity Bakerand Charlotte’s Truthand are planned to be released sometime in 2019 and 2020.



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20 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author, Cherie White…

  1. I am so proud of my former classmate, Cherie. I witnessed and also personally experienced some of t the bullying that she speaks of from our classmates in middle and high school and thank God that we ascended above it all. Yes you are a VICTOR so keep on winning! Love ya!!!

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