Helping Senior Citizens Self-Publish – by Joel Friedlander…

on The Book Designer:

Although the indie publishing world sometimes seems to be populated by young entrepreneurial authors, in fact a lot of writers publishing books today are at the other end of the spectrum—senior citizens.

It may be hard to pin down what exactly we mean by “older authors,” but I generally take it to mean people 50 years of age and over who haven’t published their own books before.

And this is a particularly good age for anyone who has dreamt of writing a book to actually do so. And there’s never been a better time for these people to publish, either.

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7 thoughts on “Helping Senior Citizens Self-Publish – by Joel Friedlander…

  1. See, if 50 is a Senior Citizen, I’m obviously one frail step away from that Great Library in the Sky! (It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?) Since I didn’t start writing until was 69, and I’m still going at 74, I am now wondering if I needed help and didn’t know it. 😀

    Seriously, I probably do need help (in oh, so many ways), but I’m determined to keep on learning more each day, so I can continue to bumble my way through the process. My main wish is that I could afford to turn the marketing over to someone else, because (except for personal meet and greets) I don’t like it at all. 😦

    Must. Sell. More. Books. So I can hire someone to help me Sell. More. Books. 😀

    Interesting post, Chris. Thanks for sharing!

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