What type of reader are you?

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

I saw the question, and I wondered. What sort of reader am I?

That means breaking it down into the different purposes I have for reading. You see, I read for pleasure; I read for entertainment (they’re not the same); I read for intellectual stimulation; I read to learn; I read to disappear. What sort of reader does that make me?

I often read seven or more books a week (health willing, job willing, books available, etc.). I read fiction, non-fiction, pre-published, first-second-third drafts, technical, children’s pieces, poetry, maps, star-systems. I read anything that has the potential to dream within its pages.

This is how I responded to the question that asked what I considered to be my strengths as a reader:

When I’m reading (a finished story written by someone else) I read for immersion. I like to become, to feel the journey on the page. I like…

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