Captain’s log, canal date 20-05-2018.3

Dirty Deeds and Dastardly Deliveries, Dagnabbit…

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Life, the Universe, and Everything.

I flogged two midshipmen yesterday (insubordination), and hanged the carpenter from the yardarm (for whistling Kylie songs, let’s hear you whistle Locomotion now, with a well-deserved noose around your throat).

Six mornings ago we (the Cardinal and I, aye, aye aye) were waking to frosts.

P1140391 May frost on the solar panels and the boat…

Yesterday, and today too according to the Shipping O’Forecast, we bake(d) in ridiculous sunshine and temperatures requiring the cooling fans in the Cardinal’s Electrical Bay to be at full pelt.

The “The Powers That Be” tried once more, and failed, to thwart my navigation plans – with a(nother) land-slide, blocking the canal ahead. What they didn’t know was that I intended to volte-face anyway and to head back to a rendezvous sometime in the next couple of weeks for some workings to be worked upon. The initial blockage was cleared on…

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2 thoughts on “Captain’s log, canal date 20-05-2018.3

  1. Many thanks for the re-blog, Muskie, tis much appreciated! The Cardinal and I have indeed been baking under a cruel sun today, and there is still no sign of debit card or “Italian” parcel – nor, fortunately, of complaints team with pickaxe handles, yet! 😉

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