At Last! – Guest Post by Felicity Sidnell Reid…

Spring has finally arrived, after an April that proved, once again, to be the “cruellest month”. Unfortunately, as happens when spring comes late, it is also short—blink and everything has changed. A kaleidoscope of colour shifts into the green of early summer.

Spring’s late… Summer’s watching…

Too optimistic for our location,

in March we yearned to celebrate

an official changing of the guard.

Winter seemed ready to retreat,

but recalcitrant spring flew in,

shifted uneasily from foot to foot.

then fled snowdrops shivering

after a bitter Easter, leaving us

powerless in April’s ice-storms,

Two weeks later, she returns

Birds nest and sing in triumph,

fish swim the creek, rabbits run

through gardens, suddenly

blue, yellow white and red.

Longed for flowers bloom all at once—

scilla, hyacinth, tulips, daffodils,

forsythia, anemones, even magnolia!

A bounty almost insulting, as though

Spring is thumbing her nose at us.

But today the trees are breaking green

lilies of the valley unfurl their leaves,

geraniums and bleeding heart poke through

the soil and, in the woods, the yellow dog violets

shake their petals as the mayflowers open

like umbrellas, right on time.

Shove up, Spring. Summer’s coming!





Felicity Sidnell Reid

Barnes & Noble



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