Want an excellent way to sell your books?

Jean's Writing

Earlier in the week, I discussed the need to prepare for your first book signing event, but there are other ways to sell a signed copy of your book.

How about autographed, signed copies direct from your website?

That’s right. You can offer signed copies of your book to readers. This is something I hadn’t thought of until I read an article sent to me, from Janice Hardy written by J. Kathleen Cheney, @jkcheney . 

The biggest question I have now is…

Do people care about signed copies of children books?

I’m not sure. So, I haven’t set up a retail page yet. But, I wouldn’t hesitate to sell a signed copy if it was requested. Hint, hint.

Another thing that has held me back from setting up an online store, is time. Time away from writing. I don’t want anything else to take my attention from, blogging, and writing…

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