Short Story/Serial Monday – Memories of Rachel – Part 11 – NOT the conclusion

Author Don Massenzio

Okay, so I lied. I got deep into writing what I thought was going to be the conclusion of the Memories of Rachel serial and realized that I was at 1,800 words and the conclusion was still not arriving. The setup for the conclusion needed more meat before I could get to the payoff. As a result, there will be one more installment to this story next week. My apologies to those that were expecting a conclusion this week.

If you want to read the earlier parts of this story or look at my other serials, you can click HERE. I also have a short story page with one part tales that you can click HERE.

Memories of Rachel

Memories of Rachel – Part 11

Ben started going into his office at Kongo AI headquarters. He had migrated Digital Rachel from his home to an ultra-isolated server at Kongo’s data center…

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