Useless Advice from an unpunished author – How much is too much description?

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advice, writing, writer Useless Advice from an unpunished author

This is not very good advice because I don’t know. We all know that description is good, especially in fantasy if you are world building then you need to the reader to see the world. I’ve read books and been very confused as to the setting, I’ve read some that magically transport me to the place and others that have put me to sleep with endless pointless details. In my next re-write of my book one of the many things I plan to do is check that I have not over describe things. I have read a bit on it have picked the following tips;

Only describe important things;

I’ve definitely fallen foul of this, endlessly describing a town my characters spend less than a chapter in. I once wrote a detailed description of the sewer system. There was one scene when the story…

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