What Authors Do When They Are Not Writing? – Guest Post by Fiona Tarr…

Chris asked me to share something different so I thought his readers might be interested in what authors do when they are not writing? Now I can’t speak for all authors, but a little over ten years ago I took up a new sport. I’m nearly fifty now, so you might think I embarked on a little golf or tennis but I took up something I never really thought I could or should have been able to do.

My husband and I had just moved our family over two thousand kilometres across Australia from South Australia to Queensland. We purchased a business in tourism and sports coaching in a sport my husband had been totally addicted to for a number of years. Now I knew a lot about the sport, but I had never done it and as the part owner of a retail shop, I really felt the need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

So, less than six months into our new venture I started to learn kiteboarding. For the uninitiated, that’s where you fly a kite in the air that pulls you over the water on a board. Once considered an extreme sport, kiteboarding has continued to grow and develop into a sport often taken up by professionals in high pressure jobs right through to tradesmen with a long history of watersports. I must admit, there are not too many nearly forty, now nearly fifty year old women doing it, but I am not alone in my addiction to this awesome sport.

What I really wanted to highlight by sharing this with Chris’s readers isn’t the sport itself, it’s how it made me feel and what it did for my independence and confidence at the time. As a self-confessed control freak who was often prone to quitting anything that I put in the ‘too hard basket, kiteboarding posed more challenges than I was mentally prepared for. Yet once I pushed through the learning curve I was encouraged to work my way through many other barriers I had placed in front of myself.

Writing and Indie publishing didn’t seem so frightening once I could manoeuvre and control over 350kg of power and lift and skim my board along the water and into the air. After this achievement, writing a book was just another skill I needed to master and with perseverance and practise I knew I could do it.

Now with my sixth fantasy book released, I look back on that learning experience with a heart of thankfulness. Pushing past the normal barriers society and I had placed on what a middle-aged woman should and shouldn’t do helped me realise there are no road blocks, no barriers only the walls I placed in front of myself.

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