Short Story/Serial Monday – Memories of Rachel – Part 8

Don’s Tale continues…

Author Don Massenzio

Well, this week’s edition of the story is a bit late. I was in South Florida this weekend for my best friend’s son’s wedding and catching up and partying took a bit of precedence over finishing the next part of this story.

It’s a rainy Monday in North Florida today and it gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down, turn on the Classic Jazz station on Pandora and write this next part in less than an hour.

Hopefully the quality is up to the usual standard. the story is going to be coming to a climax soon, but it is one I’ll expand upon as I turn it into a longer format.

With all of that said, please enjoy Part 8 of Memories of Rachel

If you want to read the earlier parts of this story or look at my other serials, you can click HERE. I also…

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