Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 31 — A Perversion of Phantoms

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Boy field smoke-ball aziz-acharki-290990Aziz Acharki, Unsplash

Welcome back to the faery land of Thistledown.  It’s great to see you!  In this chapter, Bedlam relates the next part of the story as it was told to her.

Previously in Thistledown

In Episode-29, A Hummingbird, we left Bedlam and Bob the hummingbird far away from Thistledown, their home. Though neither knew quite where the other was, they were both in the colorless world with the “scary faeries.”  In their own way, both felt the need to save Thistledown from the terrible potentials of Bedlam’s vision. 

In Episode-30, Meanwhile Back in Thistledown, the day of the grand Midsummer party finally arrived.  All the hummingbirds of the realm gathered to take part.  However, the entertainment for the party was overtaken by dark magic.  The faeries of Thistledown saw, projected onto the clouds, Bedlam’s horrific vision.  A the hummingbirds flew away.

Ghosts Thomas Breeson Salbert hill fortifications Old NATO stationThomas…

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