Meet Guest Author, Margareth Stewart…

Tell us about yourself.

My real name is Mônica Mastrantonio and Margareth Stewart is my pen name, but I like it so much that I ask to people to call me Margareth. I was born in Brazil in a little town called Londrina which stands for Little London as it was colonized by the British, and I also have Italian citizenship because of my great-grand-parents that immigrated there. Now I live in Sao Paolo, few months in Miami and at writer´s residencies around the world. Besides, I´m a PhD professor and tutor in Social and Organizational Psychology at University, a busy-mom of three kids, and so many other projects around.

What inspired your book “Open/Pierre´s journey after war”?

Can you believe it was a Facebook group? Nano Writing Month! Awesome, I know. It was November, and this group ran a contest for the person who would reach 50.000 word-counts first. Obviously, I missed both the month and the word count. But the initiative gave me the courage to book a writer´s residency in Wales the following January, and there, I accomplished my target. Then, it took me two years to have it published. So, my advice is “never give up”.

Tell us about your main character.

Pierre! I´ve learned so much through crafting this novel and him. He is a strong and, at the same time, a gentleman. He lost his family in the air bombardments in France during WWII. After that, he starts a long journey through Africa and India – not in search of anything, but to get as far as he could from pain and his past. Open is a novel about last wishes, healing and surveillance.

What are you currently working on?

Right now, I´m working on “Mademoiselle-Sur-Seine” (erotica), so venturing into new grounds. Kirsty is a middle-aged woman with a successful career in NY. On the verge of a stress breakdown and the diagnostic of her heart problem, her doctor advises her to take a break and book a holiday – preferably in Thermal Spa away from urban life. She travels to a mediaeval village in France where lights turn off at 11:00 pm. There she meets Madame-Sur-Seine. Madame was a famous cabaret dancer who lived in Paris in the 50´s, and Kristy asks for help in her affairs. Madame gives her daily tasks to do to free her sexual instincts and allow her pleasure. Kirsty becomes sexy and appealing – a woman that men wish for. She feels enchanted by Madame´s lessons and the surprising effects on her. Eager to thank her before leaving France, Kirsty did not understand why no one answers the door when she knocks. She returns to her work, but she cannot forget Madame. She decides to reach two of Madame´s best friends from the time they worked in Paris – they should have news from Madame. A sensual story of pleasure, friendship, Madams & Mademoiselles.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Please follow my Author´s Page:



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