8 Elements of Tradecraft: Is Your Writing Plumb, Level, and Square?

by Gordon A. Long  on Indies Unlimited:

Over the holidays I was talking to my brother, who is a carpenter in Fort McMurray in the Alberta Oil Patch.

Because he spends a lot of time living in camp, he is a voracious reader, so when he talks about books, I listen.

His comment was that a lot of the authors he reads do not pay enough attention to their tradecraft.

What is Tradecraft?



  1. Chris,
    About two weeks ago, someone posted instructions on how a blog site should be set up. I don’t remember who it was, but it was great. I thought I saved it so when I began working on my site I would have to use as a guide. I must have deleted it in error. If you remember or someone that follows you remembers, please give me a shout. Thanks.

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