New Release Book Promo – ‘Spinning Silk’ by Taya Cook…

Genre: historical fantasy (inspired by Japanese folk tales)


A weaver’s genius ignites the jealousy of her peers, the possessiveness of her mill’s proprietress and the hopes of a nation yet unborn.

Furi knows that she was born to create, but the fabric of her life weaves mysteries. These are more than they appear.

Shin, the gardener, with his unlikely power over life and death;

A mysterious illness with a selective death route;

Kitsuke artist Madame Sato, who would fashion Furi into a reincarnation of her own dead daughter;

The princess of a puppet emperor, who has strange loyalties to a humble gardener;


The vaporous rumor of a war with no apparent aggressor.

Spinning Silk is Inspired by Japanese folklore including the love story of Orihime and Hikoboshi as well as a radical reimagining of the terrible tsuchigumo (spider spirits) and jorogumo demons.

Available now for Pre-Order

from Amazon:


Taya Cook Okerlund


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