Meet Guest Author, Jess Peters…

Hi, I’m Jess.

I’m an aircraft mechanic by trade and an author in my spare time. I work at London Stansted Airport now. I’m lucky my work shift allows me a fair amount of spare time with it being a week on, week off.

Hopefully one day I’ll be successful enough to retire early from being a mechanic. That’s the aim. I’m only 25 now so I have a while to wait.

I grew up in Southend-on-Sea and have lived here my whole life. It is nice to grow up by the seaside, however I guess when you do live by one your entire life, it soon becomes nothing special. I appreciate some people never get to see a seaside though.

I wasn’t anything special at school. My grades were all average. I actually struggled at English at the time and found writing essays particularly difficult. Its probably why I went on to become a mechanic. I’ve always been better at hands-on jobs. 

I did however, always used write short stories why I was growing. Technically, they weren’t that great. My imagination however has always been there and my desire with storytelling has as well. My mum actually found an old small book of short story’s I had written when I was young, maybe age 10 or so. When I read them back, I must say, they weren’t that great. Glad to say I have improved a tremendous amount since then. 

As time went on, my writing abilities continued to improve. In college, when I was studying for my apprenticeship in Aircraft Maintenance, there were many assignments I had to complete. I found that writing about topics I knew well became easy. 

I started to read a lot during this period. I was reading notes and books to help me complete my apprenticeship, and then when I was home, I started to read fiction books. I am now a very keen reader and on average, read one to two books a week. Sometimes even three if there’s a particularly good and gripping one. 

It soon become clear to me that reading was the key to writing well. Shame I never realised this back in school. Well, I know this now. That’s why I’ve gone on to write books. 

All the different books I have encountered have inspired me towards writing my own. Getting a glimpse in to everybodys different imaginations is a great thing and to be able to share yours with others has been a motivator in me completing my debut book. 

Besides writing, reading and working, I love spending time with my cats. We have 4 in the house, 2 being mine and 2 my mums. Since my boy, Louis, is a Persian, he is kept indoors, so I take him out on walks when I can to the park or woods. Here in the UK, it’s not very common to see a cat walking around on a lead, so he does get a fair amount of attention. I enjoy the fresh air. It’s amazing what new ideas can form when you have a clear mind out and about. 

I also love to travel to different places. I try and go on one or two holidays a year. Italy has become a favourite of mine. The food and culture its just something I love. Hopefully I’ll get to explore most of the country one day. Its the same with America. I hope to visit all the major places in the future. I’ve only been to Florida and Las Vegas so far and absolutely loved them both. 

This journey of writing and releasing my debut novel, The System (The Bubo Series Book 1), has been crazy and incredibly hard work, but I hope to continue. 

Its been exciting and the feeling of accomplishment is beyond anything I would ever have expected.






13 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author, Jess Peters…

  1. Thank you for giving us an inside look at Author, Jess Peters, Chris. It’s always nice to hear the background stories of Indie authors.

    I too live near water, but am too busy these days to spend much time there. Used to live in Pensacola, Florida where the beaches were white and the water emerald green. Spent many a day on those beaches, but Galveston, near where I live now in Houston, isn’t quite the same.

    That dream of making a living from our writing is something that I guess all us Indies have. It’s a lofty ambition to be sure.

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