Short Story/Serial Monday – Memories of Rachel – Part 4

Don’s Tale continues 😃

Author Don Massenzio

When things went purple last week, Ben was shocked. His sophisticated software had encountered something new. This week we will find out what it was. We will also find out how the “head hopping” point of view during Rachel’s dream was possible. (I had some comments about that…it was on purpose.)

This story is a fun one with twists and turns I haven’t thought of yet. Remember, these serial installments are mostly stream of consciousness with very little potting or checks for continuity ahead of time. It’s a way for me to keep my writing muscle going, share my process with you, and create some fun stories along the way.

With that said, please enjoy this week’s installment of Memories of Rachel.

If you want to read the earlier parts of this story or look at my other serials, you can click HERE. I also have a short story…

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