Promote your work…

Do what Sue says – Ani the Dog will lick, like, love you too 👍

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Do you have a book launch coming up…

A cover reveal or a work in progress…

Inspiration to offer…

A story or anecdote to tell, a poem to share…

Tips for bloggers or writers…

Want to promote your blog, art or photography…

Reach a different readership…

Or just try something new?

Why not write a guest post?

Promotion, especially for authors, can be difficult and finding the right opportunities at the right price is not easy. Free is always good, especially when you know the sites you are writing for have the potential to reach a wide range and number of new readers.

I like to host a guest post in the five pm slot every day whenever I can and previous guests are always welcome for a return visit. Nor am I alone in seeking guests. There are any number of bloggers out there who are always happy to…

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  1. I don’t have a guest post but I have a newly published book that I could excerpt. It is a collection of all the poetry I have published in literary journals plus a bonus essay and short story. Would you host something like that? And of course I have its description and cover etc. Thank you

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