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Third-person omniscient is my usual mode to write in, but I am currently writing a short story in first-person present tense, and it’s not going well. When we write in third-person omniscient mode, the story is told from an outside, overarching point of view. The narrator sees and knows everything that happens within the world of the story, including what each of the characters is thinking and feeling.

As authors, we want to create a sense of intimacy, of being in the character’s head.

First-person point of view is fairly common and is told from one protagonist’s personal point of view. It employs “I-me-my-mine” in the protagonist’s speech, allowing the reader or audience to see the primary character’s opinions, thoughts, and feelings.

One way to create intimacy is to use stream of consciousness, a narrative mode that offers a first-person perspective by attempting to replicate the thought processes as well…

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13 thoughts on “First-Person POV #amwriting

  1. Well decribed. I like to use third-person limited, past tense, because I can relate it best to real life. First person works for me, too, but I’ve conditioned myself to use third-person past-tense for ages. I used omniscient for a time, but I love “playing” a single character and challenging myself to figure out the others. It’s tough, but fun.

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  2. I personally, write in the third person. I’ve thought about writing in the first person but found it too awkward. I recently finished Nelson DeMilles’ “Cuban Affair,” which was written in the 1st person and I found it less appealing than if it had been written in the 3rd person. Honestly though it’s all subjective.

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  3. ‘First person’ is a bit daunting – shows ‘warts’ and all – can easily ‘goof’ on verb tenses and ‘run ons’ … But, I love ‘First Person’: I wrote the ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series – books 1-6″ in FP – spent a lot of time in editing & still missed some ‘goofs’… My biggest problem was marketing the series (brought them out too fast, having written them earlier): still, I’m very fond of the BCM.

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  4. Chris finds me more exciting connections than i could ever find alone. As a poet once said John Donne I recall … No man is an island Entire of itself Every man is a piece of the continent A part of the main.
    I agree we don’t get far alone. So once more thank you.

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