Hey Writers: You Need a New Patron Saint, Your Old One Sucks

What say YOU, Authors?

Please let Tara know in the comments under her original post (and read the comments already there, for further inspiration and enlightenment) 😀

Tara Sparling writes

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and I may as well tell you now that this post was written well before those festivities. I’m usually a very last minute blogger, but when Paddy’s Day* falls on a Saturday, no self-respecting Irish person would allow something as routine as routine to interfere with the general madness.

There’s always a big build-up to a long weekend with a Paddy’s Day in it, so I’ve been spending much of the past week thinking about patron saints. There’s one for everyone in the audience, it seems, unless perhaps you’re looking for a patron saint of bowel movements, or perhaps a patron saint of poor internet connections.

Because there isn’t a patron saint of poor internet connections that I know of. I suppose you could combine the patron saint of lost things, and the patron saint of spontaneous outbursts of rage, but it wouldn’t really be…

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One comment

  1. Never paid much attention to St Pat Day. Never went in for saint stuff (except 11 Disciples) as am Italian Presbyterian. Long story. Italians do Columbus thing but seems he is reviled these days. He was brutal to native people.

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