Are you uncomfortable with book promotion? Try this…

By Sandra Beckwith  on Build Book Buzz:

“I’m really uncomfortable with book promotion,” an author told me recently. “It’s just not who I am.”

“What makes you uncomfortable?” I asked.

“I don’t know . . . ” she began. “I think it’s all that waving your book around and telling people how great it is. I’d like my book to speak for itself, without me always getting in people’s faces.”

I reassured her that there are many, many authors who view marketing and promotion the same way. They don’t want to be constantly posting on social media, attending book fairs, or looking for opportunities to talk about their books before an audience.

They just want to write.

Who can blame them?

But in today’s in-one-ear, out-the-other world, all authors have to be willing to take on book promotion. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a six-figure advance or you’re self-published and proudly referring to yourself as an “indie author.” You need to let your target audience know about your book.

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