A disastrously-broken canal ahead & another lash of The Beast From The East #England #narrowboat

High Drama Lowdown 😱 from our intrepid traveller of Cheshire Canals 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Not the sort of thing you stumble across every day, fortunately.

MiddlewichPothole2 These photographs are obviously not mine, but are the ones seemingly freely circulating all over the “news” outlets and the “The Social Media”. In the distance here you can see Stanthorne Lock (top of frame). I have no idea who deserves credit, but THANK YOU!

A ruddy great section of an aqueduct embankment near Middlewich has collapsed. The ancient aqueduct itself below, carrying the canal over the River Wheelock, remains intact (it seems), but a stretch of canal from Stanthorne Lock to Wardle Lock (right in the heart of Middlewich) was somewhat suddenly and unexpectedly drained onto farmland below.

That is a boat that you can see above the breach, it is someone’s home and the gentleman was aboard at the time of the breach – about 11:40pm (ish). He was rescued by Messrs Police & Co at about…

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2 thoughts on “A disastrously-broken canal ahead & another lash of The Beast From The East #England #narrowboat

  1. I can see the canal being out of action for a year – it’s an awkward spot, and that’s a lot of breach to repair… Just happy happy happy to have not been a week ahead in my schedule! 🙂

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