When Your Book Publicity Campaign Comes To An End…

by Gretchen Crary  on Just Publishing Advice:

When Publicity Ends Marketing Can Continue

Publicity is a dish best served warm.

That’s what I tell clients who come to me looking for publicity help after the book has already gone on sale. A typical query goes: “My book was published a month ago, and I’ve now decided that I’m ready to hire a publicist to go over the ground that my publisher missed.”

It’s a sad conversation when I have to tell these clients that the publicity ship has probably sailed. Whether or not the publisher did a good job, there is a point when trying to publicize a book that is already on sale faces diminishing returns.

The reality is that setting up a great publicity campaign takes a good deal of time, especially in publishing where things move at a slower pace than most other industries. I think it’s helpful to measure out the time before your book goes on sale into three phases.

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