So sorry, but I’ve just let one go… a #newrelease that is… #kindle #book “The Dog With The Bakelite Nose”

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

IanHutsonA England Expects (that every man will do his duty), The Cat Wore Electric Goggles [nothing much to do with cats at all] and now this, The Dog With The Bakelite Nose [very much not about dogs]… Please do excuse me for this shameless book-plug and self-promotion.

This is not some tawdry plea for you to purchase the book. Nooo! Seriously…

Think of it instead more of an opportunity for you to just tell six or seven hundred million of your closest friends about it. Please spread the word… by sharing, tweeting, opening your office window and shouting in a falsetto voice, whatever you usually do in such cases… 😉

I shall lash myself with birch twigs later, but if not here, then where else might I? If I don’t say anything at all then no-one will know, although it could be argued that to not know might be better…

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