On Language

Excuse Us for Living

On Language

My Pet Peeves: “Existential” & “Geopolitical”

What’s Yours?


Philip Fontana

Pet peeves.

     Excuse us for living, but no matter our age, we all have our little “pet peeves” along the way of life. It sounds petty to complain about such small things in this uncertain political time in which we live; not to mention the horrific natural disasters around the nation and the world, along with acts of terrorism and gun violence. – – I’m depressing myself just writing this.

That being said, putting all that aside (impossible), there must be things, some smaller things, that bother you. I’d be very interested to hear what your “pet peeve” is in the comments section below! You might, for example, hate bloggers like me who would better spend their time reading instead of writing! – – I’ll vote for that one myself! What I have in mind are a…

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5 thoughts on “On Language

  1. Chris!!!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks for the reblog of my “On Language” on your The Story Reading Ape’s Blog!!! I remember way back when when I “Followed” your website but lost track following up. I saw your recent post on the WordPress news feed & found you again! It is always a humbling experience & an honor to be reblogged. I cannot thank you enough for thinking my post worthy. Phil from excuseusforliving.com

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