An Open Invitation

Have YOU appeared on Craig and Lisa’s blog yet?
Well, don’t just stop at once – it’s a great promotional opportunity.

Get back over there now.
Not Yet?
Well, get onto it and contact them via the email address in the original blog post 😎

Entertaining Stories

Let’s start this post by recycling this graphic:

Lisa Burton

Long time followers know what this is all about, but I’m going to write about it for the new folks out there. I use my original character, Lisa Burton, to host an imaginary radio show on this blog. Lisa Burton Radio interviews the fictional characters from your books.

These are a bit of a collaborative effort; whereby, I get your notes and create the shtick. You fill in the blanks where your character would interact with Lisa. These post on Thursdays.

I didn’t have a guest this week, but I’m set for next week. I must have a dozen of these interviews in the mail in various stages right now, but they aren’t getting finished for whatever reason. Some folks get halfway through the process, then simply disappear.

I generally work up the shtick over the weekend and send it to you…

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4 thoughts on “An Open Invitation

  1. Regina might be a good candidate if she doesn’t go too modest on you. You see, she is adventurous, has a photographic memory, is rich and titled, athletic, totally gorgeous, musical, has access to Magic Circle Lands, and — to cap it all — has a Siamese cat as her best friend.

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