Mitch Teemley

I don’t like telephone solicitation.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.


Telephone rings

Me: Hello?

Solicitor: Hello, I’m from Hearing Solutions.

Me: Who?

Solicitor: Is there anyone in your family who may be hard of hearing?

Me: What?

Solicitor: This is Nathan calling to help.

Me: “Satan calling from hell?”

Pause – Dial Tone

Me: Heh-heh.

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6 thoughts on “Solicitor

  1. LOL. Love it. I did something to a solicitor years ago. She called as I was about to sit and eat my evening meal. I was single. She wanted just a few moments of my time. I explained I was busy and didn’t have the time. She was insistent I needed to talk to her. I finally asked for her phone number. There was a little silence and she finally asked why. I said so I could call her back at a time that was convenient for me and probably not for her, like about 2am. She told me she wasn’t allowed to give out numbers and she would probably be asleep at that time. I asked her then why did she think I wanted to talk to her now? I mean, did I ask her to call me? No. Did I want her to call me? No. Would I need… which was followed by a dial tone of her hanging up. I don’t think God liked me doing that because I came down with the flu a few days later and, yes, another solicitor who I informed I was sick. She wanted to call emergency or doctor for me. I told it wasn’t needed, I was going to hang up and then go throw up. Which I did. Hm? She never called back. Odd.

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