National Tell a Fairy Tale Day…

Extract from a post on the blog of Cathleen Townsend:

Today, February 26th, is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day! I was delighted to learn that fairy tales had their own holiday, and for once, Murphy’s Law didn’t trip me up. Normally, I’d find out about this sort of thing only after it passed, but I actually came across this info a week ago. I’m still enjoying that. 🙂

As a child I loved fairy tales, and I never quite outgrew them. In fact, filling in the plot holes and expanding the characterization became the basis for the first seven novels I wrote, although I put quite a bit of my own stuff in there as well. I ended up penning an entire trilogy to tell my version of Hansel and Gretel.

But I still enjoy rereading the originals, especially the work of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. And with all the stuff out there about #OurOwnVoices, fairy tales are something I can truly claim. Since I’m of mixed European descent (Irish, French, English, German, Swedish), these stories are my cultural heritage.

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