New Release – ‘Roger and the Cancelled Czech’ by Jerold Last – an International Mystery/Thriller…

The new Roger and Suzanne novel, “Roger and the Cancelled Czech”, is now available from Amazon Kindle for pre-orders. 

Roger and his partner Vincent are hired to solve several recent murders in Prague and Budapest.  

Was the assailant who pummeled a man to death just outside a synagogue in Prague’s Old City human, or was he a Golem lurking in the area?  

Back home, Suzanne has her hands full taking care of a new baby and beginning to train her dog Romeo for agility competitions. 

Like all of the Roger and Suzanne series on Amazon Kindle, this is a tough, sometimes violent, but clean (no cussing, no sexual promiscuity) mystery that can be enjoyed either as a series entry or a standalone novel.  

Free from KU.


USA  –  UK  –  CA  –  AUS  –  IN


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