Book Promo, New Cover and SALE Alert! – ‘I am Soul’ by Yecheilyah

It’s been a long time. I miss you guys! But I will be returning real soon. Until then, I have news.

I am Soul is my latest collection of poetry and it released at the end of December but to be honest, I was never too fond of the cover. Good thing I’m an Independent Publisher! It’s never too late to improve and I can change whatever I want. That said I’d like to introduce you to the new cover image for I am Soul and it will be reflected online soon. (Keep in mind it will take some time to be reflected on Amazon and other retailers so you may still see the old cover.)

To celebrate, I am Soul will be on Sale for the ENTIRE month of February! That’s right, you can grab it for as low as $0.99 from now through the 28th and if you are feeling so obliged, I’d love it if you can drop me an honest review. As you know, reviews are a tremendous help to Independent Authors like me.

Thanks so much for your time and attention. See you soon!

I really enjoyed this poetry collection–it made me slow down and savor each poem. Some of the poems I kept going back to re-read so that I could enjoy the experience again!”


Very inspiring! Thank you for enlightening my heart with such powerful words.”

Celeste Crowder

This collection of poetry is healing. It pulls from the pain, the joy and the wisdom life brings. It touches every untouched corner of your soul.”

Constance Humphrey




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