Infographic: Amazon’s Extraordinary History

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Nicholas C. Rossis

Amazon Bezos 1999 | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksIn my latest post about CreateSpace discontinuing its paid author services, I was writing about Amazon’s apparent intention to eventually roll CreateSpace into the Amazon fold. This would tie in with the company’s overall expansion: in just 23 years, Amazon has gone from a relatively obscure book business to a dominant online retailer, cloud service provider, and much, much more. On the right is a meme circulating on the Internet, with a 1999 Bezos in his office. A long way from his current status of being the wealthiest man on the planet with a fortune surpassing 100 billion dollars.

As I’ve often said in the past (“Writers: Stop Romanticizing Rejection. Or, Why I Love Amazon” and “Why Publishers Should Love Amazon’s Indie Revolution,” I love Amazon for opening the gates for us mere mortals to join the hallowed ranks of published authors. It has given…

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3 thoughts on “Infographic: Amazon’s Extraordinary History

  1. Great! Yes, you can realize your dreams like Jeff Bezos in every state all over the world, but not in Germany alone. As the former us-american Minister of Defence said years ago, its a part of the “old Europe”, with the old nobility based system of former Prussia. 😉

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