Meet Guest Author, Brad C Baker…

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, where I now live with my Malamute huge dog called Crallick. Crallick is named after the primary character in my debut book and is probably just as big a force to be reckoned with!

My love of storytelling really began when I discovered roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, which allowed me to explore the different facets of a character and the different routes each scenario could take. However, even before this, I was a fan of many sci-fi and fantasy franchises and loved the work of Tolkien.

My love of travel and adventure began to develop as I grew older, seeping out into the real world. This led me to hitch-hike across Canada once and also across North America on two separate occasions. My wanderlust knew no bounds! I loved meeting new people and hearing their stories, as there was always something new to learn. Exploring the various cultures and histories of the different places I passed through always excited me too.

After my travels, I settled, to a fashion, and studied to become a nurse. Tragically, this career choice wasn’t to be. I developed a rare eye condition which led me to lose most of my eyesight, thus rendering my nursing days over.

I was determined not to be beaten by this, so I decided to study psychology at Queen’s instead. I also studied a lot of other science-based subjects. Needless to say, my love of all things science is still very strong today.

After my studying, I taught vocational skills through sports, making good use of my love of baseball. I still managed to play baseball for some time after my eye condition was diagnosed, so this was something I did for many years.

During this time, I also went through a very hard marriage and an acrimonious divorce. This left me in a bad way and to try and help myself recover, I decided to return to thing I loved the most – storytelling.

It wasn’t as though I had ever really stopped storytelling, it had always been a persistent love of mine. However, I’d had too much on my plate to really focus on anything fun or creative and I decided it was now time for that to change. This time though, rather than doing live action role plays, I wanted to try and write a book.

My first attempt was a science fiction novel and although I wrote the whole book, all eighty thousand words of it, I looked back over it and just couldn’t feel a connection with it. I couldn’t buy into my own story and knew that if I couldn’t, then nobody would.

I then attempted to write a fantasy novel, thinking that maybe this would work out better. It was lucky I did, because this book became by debut novel, The Chronicles of Crallick. This swashbuckling fantasy adventure focuses on Crallick, a veteran fighter who has PTSD and who developed an alcohol problem many years ago, after his wife passed away. Confronted with the kidnapping of his daughter, he suddenly has to find his fighting skills again in order to save her from suffering an untimely death.

Furthermore, I was so inspired by my first novel and the characters within it that I began to write an entire series, The Spirit of Amathrian series will contain four books all told and I am already onto writing book three.

Shortly after writing The Chronicles of Crallick, I started looking for a publisher. I submitted my work to Wallace Publishing and soon found myself with a four book deal. As a result of this, my debut novel was released on the 15th November 2017. I am looking forward to releasing book two in the series next year too.



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