I cannot operate a video camera with my teeth for love nor money

Be sure to put on your seatbelt and grip something secure when watching the video 😱

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

England and indeed such parts of the “rest of the world” as I have noticed, have this past week continued their headlong rush into dribbling, boggle-eyed insanity. Mark my words, there’s something in the water, it’s the only explanation for some of the headlines.


The heavens themselves have mirrored this Spitfire-dive into the combined cesspools of corruption, rank stupidity and “political” “correctness”. We’ve had frost, hailstones, lashing rain, many, many fine and splendid gales – and a few sunsets guaranteed to make even a grumpy old Hector such as myself utter “ooh” and “ah”.

We motored on a few miles a couple of days ago, the Cardinal and I. Hey, Nonny Nonny, thought I, the speckle-pated mouldwarp shall feast upon the movement with his new video camera and produce much fine footage for the madding masses and the milling throngs to gawp at. I tried, really I tried, but it…

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4 thoughts on “I cannot operate a video camera with my teeth for love nor money

    • There’s not many that can take the pace! It’s about a week since I moored up – and I’ve only just remembered that I had a waterskier tied to the stern. When it gets light again tomorrow morning I’ll go and investigate, they must be somewhere around… 🙂

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  1. There is little to compare to a life on the ocean wave (or a life on the canal wavelet). I am taking lessons with the Super-8 cine equipment, but the difficulty seems to be in my winding the film whilst also waggling the tiller – I get my wind and my waggle mixed up and, well, the rest is history. Many thanks indeed for the re-enbloggination, sir! 😉

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