#100 – The Tale of a Broken Heart

Time for Gregg’s 100th tale – be sure to call over and read the other 99 as well 😃


The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, a caring and empathetic heart had been given the job of working inside an extremely lucky body. The heart performed her role with considerable care and dedication, eventually finding a great friend inside the body. Known only as the mind, the two of them created a strong bond from the day they met, and the heart could tell that the body depended the two of them to work together. The heart was convinced there was little that could divide the two of them, but, as with all valuable relationships, the heart and the mind were to have their friendship tested with nearly disastrous consequences.

The heart and the mind dedicated most of their first years together keeping the body alive. The heart would beat much faster back then, and the mind didn’t have a great deal of knowledge to draw on, so it took the two…

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