…what knavery therein lurks?

Seumas Gallacher

…one of the wee side issues which occurs frequently when people learn that this’ ol’ Jurassic is actually a scribbler is the request to have themselves feature in one of yer next crime thrillers… inevitably I ask the question, ‘Would that be as a good guy/lady or a bad guy/lady?’… the ratio normally lands sum’where around the 99.99999%/00.00001% in favour of the bad guy/lady… seems to me, there’s an insidious common desire in ordinarily law-abiding folks to act out really malevolent characters… Jack the Ripper and Dr. Crippen couldn’t hold a grisly candle against most of my poll-ees… the wannabe criminals-of-the-century include little old ladies more usually found with crochet needles by a fireside, or the gentlest of good individuals, with a killer lust hidden just beneath the surface… so p’raps I may be allowed to give yeez all a heads-up warning to be slightly more wary of…

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